Berg-Privilegies is published by The Academy of Mining Sciences and NP, The Miners of Russia, and
discovers for its readers characters and fortunes of people who dedicated their lives to development of natural resources. They report main events and most important problems of the minerals and raw materials complex. They also publish views and analyses of leading Russian and foreign mining experts.
Berg-Privilegies is a tribune for expressing views of representatives of all branches and levels of power and business-elite on most important and acute problems of current status and development of mining industry. They offer exclusive information on business development, legislation and special sections on history, art, spiritual and physical health. High-quality reporting and analysis of everything that is important for mining industry’ and government leaders and their families makes.

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BMI’s customers and clients span more than 140 countries worldwide, including more than 400 of the Global Fortune 500 companies. Businesses, banks, financial service companies, governments, academia and research centres have all come to rely on BMI’s analysis, data and forecasts – and have done so for 25 years. The company was awarded the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement in 1997.

BMI is a wholly independent company, headquartered at Blackfriars, London, with foreign offices in Singapore and New York. The company currently employs over 170 staff and in excess of 40 specialist analysts and researchers across the globe.
BMI’s corporate mission is to become the world’s No.1 Independent Information Provider in its field (Country Risk & Industry Research).

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The “Business Resource” Media Group is a Professional Organization Uniting Business Media, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing and Business Consulting Services.
There is number of printing editions: newspapers “Biznes&Vlast”, «Kazakhstan Yskery»; magazines «RBK Central Asia», «Nashi Dengi Central Asia».

Also original teleprograms: «Territory of tenge», «Delovye novosti», «Umnaya Igra», «Azbuka Kapitala», “Znak Kachestva”, «Kazakhstan and worldwide economic», on-line and special projects on financial and economic themes.

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Scientific publishing company dedicated to mineral resources research and development. Publishes magazine “Mineral Resources of Russia. Economics and Management.”

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Goldletter International, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a premier independent information source on investing in the worldwide gold and uranium sector.

Goldletter International is particularly featuring emerging gold regions in the world, including Russia, Central-Asia, China, Mongolia, Latin-America and West-Africa, as well as Canada and the US.

Special Region Reports include overviews of exploration/development companies active in these regions, and reports on individual companies featured as a Special Situation.

Specific attention is also paid to the emerging rare earths and future metals sector.
Goldletter International commenced with covering the Uranium Industry in January 2005 and started the separate publication of Uraniumletter International in October 2005.

Thanks to its distinct approach, like Goldletter International, Uraniumletter International has become one of the world’s premier sources for investing in the world-wide uranium resource industry.

Goldletter European Forums and Uraniumletter European Forums inform the professional financial community in Europe about attractive investment opportunities in worldwide gold and uranium mining.

The branch-wise informational and analytical magazine for miners and metallurgists was established in April, 2008 by the Republican Association of Extraction and Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises of Kazakhstan in order to familiarize the readers with the problems and prospects of mountain and metallurgical branch. Mining and Metallurgical Industry Magazine was accredited at the Administration of President of RK, the Parliament of RK, ministries and departments. Authors of the magazine are the best journalists and analysts of Kazakhstan and of near abroad. The magazine is a tribune on internal branch and interbranch problems. It is determined to attract attention of governmental and parliamentary people, public associations and trade unions.

Our concept: publishing of analytical reviews, materials and prospects concerning development of mountain and metallurgical branch of Kazakhstan, articles on image of branch enterprises telling about their works, discovering historic facts on branch formation. Also, the edition covers the society and power corridor problems, events.

Reader’s Audience: representatives of state bodies, directors and experts of the enterprises of the mountain and metallurgical branch and of its interfacing branches, top management of the companies which manufacture special techniques and equipment and suppliers of raw materials and materials, educational institutions of RK, businessmen.

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining exists to promote and develop all aspects of materials science and engineering, geology, mining and associated technologies, mineral and petroleum engineering and extraction metallurgy, as a leading authority in the worldwide materials and mining community. Its interests encompass the complete materials cycle, from exploration and extraction, characterisation, processing, forming, finishing and application, to product recycling and land reuse.

The Institute was formed from the merger of the Institute of Materials and the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy in June 2002, and is the professional body for the international materials, minerals and mining community, with a membership of over 19,000 individuals worldwide, providing professional accreditation and qualifications, training and professional development.

Members of the Institute come from a variety of backgrounds, from students to company chief executives. Members qualify for different grades of membership, ranging from Affiliate to Fellow, depending on academic qualifications and professional experience. The professional development programme run by the Institute helps contribute to members’ career enhancement towards senior grades of membership, and Chartered Engineer (CEnv), Scientist (CSci) and Environmentalist (CEnv) status.

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Kazakhstanika National Branding Agency represents an international business magazine Kazakhstan. Mission of the magazine – Helping leaders of Kazakh business expand their capacities and reach for the international arena. Being a publication for professionals, this magazine only publishes accurate and quality analytical material in the sphere of business and investment. It draws special attention to the development of the oil and gas, mining and power engineering sectors; the transport and telecommunications, financial and banking markets; agriculture and other key sectors of the economy. Our readers are captains of the economy: leaders and top managers of investment and business structures, heads of national companies and development institutions, representatives of central government agencies, members of parliament, diplomats, private investors and independent experts.

Another Kazakhstanika’s project is, an informational and analytical web portal, which is aimed to develop an Internet resource dedicated to the most topical economic and business information about Kazakhstan. The project will enhance the prospects of the international business magazine Kazakhstan as an informational source for domestic and international businesses.

KAZAKHSTAN MINING INDUSTRY PORTAL specialises in Central Asian Region, which is dedicated for mining industry. Daily news of mining industry of Central-Asian Region and World, searching of exploration, building and project organizations, contacts with subsoil-users, investors and suppliers of equipment, analyzing of progress trend of mining industry.

Mining Journal is the industry’s leading weekly newspaper covering all aspects of the global mining industry, from grass-roots exploration, through financing and development, to production and marketing. It packs news, in-depth analysis, viewpoints from senior players in the industry, market trend data, financial information and news of business development opportunities into one easy-to-read journal.



Mining Journal of Kazakhstan. specialized Internet-resource presenting information on mining industry, mining-metallurgical industry and accompanying branches. Daily renewed news frame, analytical information, placing business-proposals from companies of scientific and technical and manufacturing directions, announcements of exhibitions, of conferences, of seminars and other specialized enterprises referring to mining industry. Target auditorium – the heads of enterprises, managers of superior and middle link from state, regional and private companies, internet-room users and visitors. All information resides in free access.

Tradelink Publications Ltd; publishers of Mining World (quarterly journal for the mineral extraction industries), Coal International (bi-monthly publication for the coal mining industry) also printed in the Chinese and Russian language to coincidence with exhibitions in those countries and the International Guide to the Coalfields (annual directory of coal mines worldwide.)

Represented at major mining exhibitions around the world, the publications have been supporting the mining industry for over 100 years.

The website offers a daily news-gathering service for the mining industry and lists current events, industry suppliers and operations.

World Finance Review is a quarterly publication dedicated to promoting investments into emerging economies. For a number of years World Finance Review has been working with Governments and National Banks to attract international businesses and to foster direct investments inflow into Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

World Finance Review strives to provide accurate and objective information and cutting edge analysis of trends and developments in economy, banking and finance, oil and gas, technology and innovations, investment climate and environmental issues.

Editorial content of World Finance Review is contributed by global financial institutions and development organisations, governments and national banks, as well as by consultants, analysts and freelance journalists.

The readership of World Finance Review is of the highest level, incorporating top decision makers and business people from all around the globe: CEOs and CFOs, private investors and entrepreneurs, representatives of banks and financial institutions.

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Preparations have commenced for "MINEX Central Asia 2012" - the 3rd Mining and Exploration Forum, which will be held in Astana on April 17-19, 2012*

According to the statement issued by Asset Issekeshev, Vice Prime Minister and the Head of the Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Industry and Trade - MINT, published by Kazakh Today on October 6 2011 **, the results of the audit conducted by the Ministry, revealed a number of systemic problems in all segments of the country’s mining industry, including mineral reserves and resources, regulatory framework, infrastructure and personnel policy. In particular, as noted by MINT, mineral resources near several purpose built “mining towns”, are close to exhaustion and unless Kazakhstan takes prompt action, in 10 - 15 years the resource base of non-ferrous and precious metals will be exhausted.

In addition, MINT notes that the law "On Subsoil and Subsoil Use" does not fully encourage mineral exploration and needs to be amended. The country's leadership hopes that the new regulatory changes will boost mineral exploration and attract junior and large mining companies to Kazakhstan.

Another matter of concern is the lack of infrastructure. According to the survey Kazakhstan’s Mining industry lacks technical and technological expertise which cannot be offered by currently operating companies. The government believes that alongside modernisation of existing organisations, it will be crucial to create a mining research and engineering centre. Furthermore, geological exploration industry experiences acute shortage of qualified staff. To address this problem, several “Geology and Mining” faculties should be established at the leading Kazakh universities. Also, specialist training centres must be created and funded by the subsoil users. Asset Issekeshev also proposed to establish a Mining Advisory Council which would consist of respected experts. The Council should evaluate and determine training needs for the geological industry and in cooperation with the leading mining companies, will be taking part in shaping up new state policies in the mining sector.

The head of MINT also called on creating greater transparency and accountability at the Committee for Geology and Subsoil Use, urging it to avoid inefficient and illegal use of budgetary funds. "The development of geology equals development of the regions, creating new industries and service companies. Therefore, there is an urgent need to solve all these problems. This means that the industry's major changes have to be systematic. It is necessary to develop a clear action plan, make changes in current legislation and adjust mining development program presently being reformed within the framework of the presidential industrial growth program. There is a need for coordinated work of all parties: the government agencies, businesses, and non-governmental organizations ", - concluded the Vice Prime Minister.

"MINEX Central Asia” forum is organised with the aim of unlocking underexplored mineral potential of Kazakhstan and Central Asia and focuses on creating of new international partnerships and attracting investments in the development of mineral exploration and sustainable mining in the region. The organisers of "MINEX Central Asia 2012" commend the leadership of Kazakhstan, which celebrates this year its 20th independence anniversary, for taking proactive approach in resolving the issues faced by the mining industry. Forum’s technical committee comprised of 30 leading industry experts and chaired by Mr Jan Lewis, President of IOM3, will be preparing forum’s agenda in close cooperation with the leading mining companies, government agencies and foreign investors. Forum will address proposed changes in the reorganisation and further development of mining and geological industry of Kazakhstan. The forum will also offer platform for other Central Asia states for showcasing mining investment projects and innovative technologies for more efficient mineral exploration, extraction and processing.

* Further information about the forum will be announced in December 2011 on:

** “Kazakhstan Today" news: