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Founded in 2002 Advantix Ltd is a successful Business Events and Communications company with strong focus and in-depth experience in Russia, Central Asia and CIS region.

Advantix offers extensive range of business development and event management services including:

  • Management of complex business development and marketing projects;
  • Organisation of business and investment conferences for Capital Markets, Mining and Metals, Real Estate, Agriculture, Transport;
  • Organisation of professional training workshops and master classes;
  • Management of special events such industry awards, B2B clubs, press conferences, business presentations etc.;
  • Translation services.

Past experience

Kazakhstan and Central Asian Events:

MINEX Central Asia forum

16-18 March 2010, Astana
Organisation and management of the forum in partnership with the Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce.

Kazak-US Investment Forum

23-24 November 2009
Provision of information support to Kazak-US Investment Forum in New York in 2009

Central Asian Investment Conference

27-28 March 2008, Almaty
Organisation and management of capital markets conference in partnership with RFCA (Regional Financial Centre of Almaty) and NYSE Euronext Stock Exchange.

Central Asia IPO Conference

1-2 February 2007, Almaty
Organisation and management of capital markets conference in partnership with RFCA (Regional Financial Centre of Almaty) and London Stock Exchange

Central Asian Natural Resources Investment Conference

June 2006

Event management of the investment conference organised by Aton Capital in 2006 at the London Stock Exchange.

Organisation of Mining events:

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Arthur Poliakov
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Irina Yukhtina
Communications Director

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KBCC is a primary bilateral business association created with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in London and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

KBCC’s main objective is to help UK and Kazakh members of the Chamber to establish new and develop existing business relationships with a particular focus on promotion and development of exporting capabilities of SME companies in both countries.

By promoting Kazakhstan to UK businesses and UK to Kazakh businesses and by fostering an environment where in individual business owners, corporations and small and medium enterprises can network and benefit from the collective power of others, we are raising the bar with regard to the business environment in Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom.

Key goals:

  • Facilitation of the liaison between government and private sector in the United Kingdom and Kazakhstan
  • Development of trade in goods and services between Kazakh and British companies, with the focus on SMEs
  • Provision of reliable information, feasibility studies, market research and marketing analysis of Kazakh and British markets
  • Access to prospective partners, facilitation of networking and events aimed at Kazakh and British companies
  • Support in bringing investments, legal and financial aspects of Kazakh-British business

KBCC Management team

Dr Roza Kashkenbayeva, President
Having been appointed the first Managing Director of the then newly opened Trade Representation of Kazakhstan in the UK in 1994, Dr Kashkenbayeva is one of the pioneers of Kazakh-British economic relations.

Artur Krivov, Managing Director
Mr Krivov is one of the founders of KBCC with the concept being created in early 2005. Since graduating from City University in 2002, Artur has pursued a career that closely intertwined between the United Kingdom and Kazakhstan.

Irina Suslova, Marketing & Events Manager

Ms Suslova joined KBCC in March 2009 after completing her MSc at the Diplomatic Academy of London. She received a BA in International Relations and Global Politics (with French) from Nottingham Trent University. During her studies, Irina has done several short-term placements in a number of international organizations including British Red Cross.

Aiganym Gali, Art Councillor

Aiganym Gali has joined KBCC team in September, 2009 during her Masters degree at London Institute of Arts Sotheby’s. She also holds another two bachelor degrees, one of them is in International Relations from the Almaty State University, and another one is from the Kazakh Head Architecturally-building Academy on a specialty the Architect.

Contact KBCC:

Teл: +44 (0) 20 749 171 99
Факс: +44 (0) 87 038 372 88

Lower Ground Floor
62 South Audley Street
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Preparations have commenced for "MINEX Central Asia 2012" - the 3rd Mining and Exploration Forum, which will be held in Astana on April 17-19, 2012*

According to the statement issued by Asset Issekeshev, Vice Prime Minister and the Head of the Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Industry and Trade - MINT, published by Kazakh Today on October 6 2011 **, the results of the audit conducted by the Ministry, revealed a number of systemic problems in all segments of the country’s mining industry, including mineral reserves and resources, regulatory framework, infrastructure and personnel policy. In particular, as noted by MINT, mineral resources near several purpose built “mining towns”, are close to exhaustion and unless Kazakhstan takes prompt action, in 10 - 15 years the resource base of non-ferrous and precious metals will be exhausted.

In addition, MINT notes that the law "On Subsoil and Subsoil Use" does not fully encourage mineral exploration and needs to be amended. The country's leadership hopes that the new regulatory changes will boost mineral exploration and attract junior and large mining companies to Kazakhstan.

Another matter of concern is the lack of infrastructure. According to the survey Kazakhstan’s Mining industry lacks technical and technological expertise which cannot be offered by currently operating companies. The government believes that alongside modernisation of existing organisations, it will be crucial to create a mining research and engineering centre. Furthermore, geological exploration industry experiences acute shortage of qualified staff. To address this problem, several “Geology and Mining” faculties should be established at the leading Kazakh universities. Also, specialist training centres must be created and funded by the subsoil users. Asset Issekeshev also proposed to establish a Mining Advisory Council which would consist of respected experts. The Council should evaluate and determine training needs for the geological industry and in cooperation with the leading mining companies, will be taking part in shaping up new state policies in the mining sector.

The head of MINT also called on creating greater transparency and accountability at the Committee for Geology and Subsoil Use, urging it to avoid inefficient and illegal use of budgetary funds. "The development of geology equals development of the regions, creating new industries and service companies. Therefore, there is an urgent need to solve all these problems. This means that the industry's major changes have to be systematic. It is necessary to develop a clear action plan, make changes in current legislation and adjust mining development program presently being reformed within the framework of the presidential industrial growth program. There is a need for coordinated work of all parties: the government agencies, businesses, and non-governmental organizations ", - concluded the Vice Prime Minister.

"MINEX Central Asia” forum is organised with the aim of unlocking underexplored mineral potential of Kazakhstan and Central Asia and focuses on creating of new international partnerships and attracting investments in the development of mineral exploration and sustainable mining in the region. The organisers of "MINEX Central Asia 2012" commend the leadership of Kazakhstan, which celebrates this year its 20th independence anniversary, for taking proactive approach in resolving the issues faced by the mining industry. Forum’s technical committee comprised of 30 leading industry experts and chaired by Mr Jan Lewis, President of IOM3, will be preparing forum’s agenda in close cooperation with the leading mining companies, government agencies and foreign investors. Forum will address proposed changes in the reorganisation and further development of mining and geological industry of Kazakhstan. The forum will also offer platform for other Central Asia states for showcasing mining investment projects and innovative technologies for more efficient mineral exploration, extraction and processing.

* Further information about the forum will be announced in December 2011 on:

** “Kazakhstan Today" news: