Chairman and CEO, World Mining Investment Ltd.

Didier J. Rault is a successful financier, international businessman and the founder and chairman of International Finance Capital (IFC), a global finance and investment firm. IFC specializes in the integral capital transactions that are essential in today’s rapidly evolving global business environment. These include project and corporate finance, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, cooperative partnering, and restructuring.

In the past few years, IFC has received commitments from some of the biggest financial institutions in the world to raise funds for projects that require USD500 million to USD1 billion. IFC and Mr. Rault have also served as advisors to investors, investment funds and to companies in Europe, North America and in Asia, particularly in China.

Mr. Rault is also the founder and chairman of World Mining Investment Ltd (WMI), a worldwide mining investment firm that invests in mining companies with large, long-term, diverse assets and significant proven and probable reserves. WMI focuses on mining companies that produce the world's major mineral resources and is currently working on projects in Asia, Africa and Australia.

Mr. Rault is also the founder and chairman of the Didier Rault Foundation, a charity organization committed to combating disease and hunger and promoting education, economic development and environmental issues in communities in Asia and Africa.