Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce (KBCC) AGMP – The Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises Capital Media Corporation
CERBA China Gold Congress and Expo Exploration Exchange China
IOM3 (The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining) Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan Regional programme GIZ “Mineral Resources for Development”
The Kirghiz Mining Association Центрально-Азиатский горно-промышленный союз


Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce (KBCC)

Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce (“KBCC”) is a primary business association created with the support of Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the UK and Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan to promote Kazakh-British trade and investment by helping UK and Kazakh members of the Chamber to establish new and develop existing business relationships in both countries with a particular focus on developing exporting capabilities of the SME segment.

AGMP – The Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises

“The Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises”, LE Group (AGMP) was founded in 2005 upon an initiative of mining industry enterprises of Republic of Kazakhstan with the assistance of branch ministry.

As of today, AGMP is the biggest branch association in Kazakhstan, with the membership of 96 enterprises in non-ferrous metal, iron-steel, uranium and coal industries. Among them: “ENRC Kazakhstan” enterprises, “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” JCS, “Kazakhmys” Copporation LLP, “Ust-Kamenogorsk Titano-Magnesium Combine” JCS, “NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC, “KSP Steel” JCS etc.

AGMP is included in Republican Tripartite Committee for social partnership and social-labor relationships’ regulation, and is a signatory of General agreement. Also, association concludes Industrial agreement, in which the general principles of socio-economic and labor regulations in industry are defined.

In accordance with the “On private entrepreneurship” law, AGMP is accredited in 14 ministries and administrative entities, included in the working parties in the Government and Parliament of Republic of Kazakhstan, as a joint industry representative and a plenipotentiary representative of employers in the social partnership process, involved in development of legislative acts. In addition, AGMP is accredited in the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, where it represents mining industry.

Capital Media Corporation

Capital Media Corporation Ltd. is a professional conference and exhibition organizer. Focusing on the industries of mining, energy and financing, and investment, PRINCIPAL is mainly engaged in conference and exhibition organizing, hosting a series of large-scale international exhibitions and conference. China Gold Congress and Expo 2014 is one of the largest gold events worldwide with gold mining, gold investment and gold consumption. Exploration Exchange China 2014 focuses on financing mining projects with mining investment, cooperation and trade, through conference, trade show and project cooperate to create the mining business platform. 


The Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA) has a network of seven chapters located in Moscow, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary Vancouver and Almaty, and a membership base of over 200 corporations and individuals in a wide range of sectors. As an association, CERBA provides an extensive network of contacts with frequent networking events, informative seminars on pertinent topics in the Eurasian market for Canadian companies, an annual National Conference, a quarterly printed Newsletter, committees of the Canada-Russia Business Council (CRBC), access to annual trade missions, as well as market intelligence, advocacy on government policy, and active, Canada-focused sector committees.

China Gold Congress and Expo

Name of the event: China Gold Congress and Expo 2014

Date of the event: 10-12 September, 2014

The China Gold Congress and Expo, the Chinese platform for the global gold industry, covers the entire mineral value chain. That includes gold mining, smelting and processing, market trend forecasting for gold investment, gold consumer products, particularly jewelry, design and technology. The China Gold Congress and Expo consist of three parts: The Summit Conference, An Exhibition, and Featured Events. The Summit Conference is subdivided into several forums based on specific themes. The forums will give companies the chance to promote their new products and technology. The Exhibition provides gold companies with a unique opportunity to showcase their brands and serves as a conduit for communication and cooperation among key players in the domestic and international gold industry.

Venue: Beijing International Convention Center

Organized by: Capital Exhibition and Conference Corporation

Exploration Exchange China

Name of the event: The 3rd Exploration Exchange China 2014

Date of the event: 24-25 October, 2014

Exploration Exchange China focuses on financing mining projects. The aim is to make cooperation and trade the main facet in such projects. This applies to both China and international-based mining projects. The October 24-25, 2014 event's conferences, trade show, and project matching services will provide a high standard and efficient business platform for its 1000 delegates as well as its 100 exhibiting companies. These participants will gain access to more channels to finance mining projects by linking them to potential investors through its promotion of international mining and financing services.

Venue: Beijing International Convention Center

Organized by: China International Mining Cooperation Committee & Capital Exhibition and Conference Corporation

IOM3 (The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining)

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining exists to promote and develop all aspects of materials science and engineering, geology, mining and associated technologies, mineral and petroleum engineering and extraction metallurgy, as a leading authority in the worldwide materials and mining community. Its interests encompass the complete materials cycle, from exploration and extraction, characterisation, processing, forming, finishing and application, to product recycling and land reuse.

The Institute was formed from the merger of the Institute of Materials and the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy in June 2002, and is the professional body for the international materials, minerals and mining community, with a membership of over 19,000 individuals worldwide, providing professional accreditation and qualifications, training and professional development.

Members of the Institute come from a variety of backgrounds, from students to company chief executives. Members qualify for different grades of membership, ranging from Affiliate to Fellow, depending on academic qualifications and professional experience. The professional development programme run by the Institute helps contribute to members’ career enhancement towards senior grades of membership, and Chartered Engineer (CEnv), Scientist (CSci) and Environmentalist (CEnv) status.


Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Ministry of Industry and New Technology of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a central executive body that performs management in the field of industry and industrial innovation, scientific and technological country development, mining and metallurgical industry, machinery producing industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, light industry, wood processing industry and furniture industry, building and construction materials production; state support of investment, safety of machinery and equipment and safety of chemical products in accordance with industry orientation; establishment, operation and abolition of special economic zones; export control; technical regulations and ensuring uniformity of measurements; electric power industry; mineral resources, except for hydrocarbon crude; state geological survey, reproduction of mineral resources base, rational and complex use of mineral resources, public administration in the subsoil use of the solid minerals, ground water and therapeutic mud; coal industry; nuclear energy use, support of renewable energy use, energy efficiency, as well as inter-sectoral coordination of public authorities in the field of activity referred to its competence.

The Ministry has departments: Investment Committee, Industry Committee, Committee of Technical Regulation and Metrology, Committee of State Energy Supervision and Control, Committee of tourism industry, Committee of Geology and subsoil use.


Regional programme GIZ “Mineral Resources for Development”

Regional programme “Mineral Resources for Development” is the development cooperation programme to be assigned to the Sustainable Economic Development priority area of promotion. It combines modules from two implementing organisations, BGR and GIZ, with integrated participation by German private sector institutions.

The programme's planned term is from April 2012 to March 2015 (three years). The objective of the programme is: “The general conditions for developing a modern mining sector as driver of sustainable development are improved in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.” 

The programme operates at the macro, meso, and micro levels. The MRD programme is implemented within four components and works on different scales, regionally to promote information and knowledge sharing, networking and building an effective regional dialogue platform; nationally to contribute to developing strategies for sustainable development of the mineral resources sector, focusing at improving preconditions for investment and technology transfer, promoting corporate social responsibility, building multi-stakeholder social dialogues, contributing to national frameworks on training policies, and locally to contribute to economic development and conflict prevention.

The programme components are as follows:

Component 1: Public-private dialogue platforms in the mineral resources sector

Component objective: The problem awareness of social opinion leaders regarding the importance of state frameworks for investment in the mineral resources sector (e.g. legal framework, transparency, training, and social and environmental standards) has increased.

Component 2: National and local conditions for promoting investment and technology

Component objective: The national and local conditions for promoting investment and technology in mining, geared to the public good, are improved. 

Component 3: Training framework for the mineral resources sector

Component objective: The demand orientation of selected training courses relevant to the mineral resources sector is improved.

Component 4: Service orientation of downstream sector authorities

Component objective: State institutions responsible for the mineral resources sector of Tajikistan provide service-oriented information on the potential mineral resources for sustainable development of the country.


The Kirghiz Mining Association

The Kirghiz Mining Association – is a self-governing, independent public organization which does not support any political parties and movements. The membership is voluntary and is open to anyone who has business interests in Kyrgyzstan in subsoil use sector.

The objectives of the Kirghiz Mining Association stated in the Articles of Association are as follows:

  • Consultation services and problem solving activities;
  • Provision of information, representation and protection of the legal and professional interests of the members of the Mining Association;
  • Supervision of the members of the Mining Association, collaboration with other related organisations in the Kyrgyz republic and other countries;
  • Cooperation with the state legislative and executive authorities, responsible for regulation of subsoil use in area of drafting of laws, statutory acts and their amends, for the purpose of creating a favourable climate for the activity of mining organisations and attraction of investments into mining.
  • Communication with the public via mass media and expert conferences dedicated to the activity of the mining organisations, their contribution to development of the economy of the republic, creation of new workplaces and improvement of the social conditions;
  • Consultation services to the members of the Mining Association in relation to selection of the licensed sites with potential areas for exploration and development of the deposits, and preparation of the joint venture agreements.

Центрально-Азиатский горно-промышленный союз

ЦАГС является некоммерческой организацией, объединяющей на добровольной основе физических лиц, содействующих развитию горной промышленности Центрально-Азиатского региона, достижению передового уровня экологической безопасности окружающей среды, условий труда работников, занятых в этой отрасли промышленности, способствующих рациональному использованию недр и понимающих ответственность перед потомками за принимаемые решения, сознающих необходимость и добивающихся согласования интересов инвесторов, государств, недропользователей и занятых на предприятиях трудящихся, поддерживающих престиж горных профессий, готовых к выработке согласованных действий и политики в процессе продвижения продукции, товаров и технологий на рынках сбыта.

В настоящее время ЦАГС объединяет свыше 300 известных предпринимателей, ученых и производственников, занятых в сфере недропользования.