SkyTEM Surveys is a leading International airborne geophysical survey company offering the acquisition and advanced processing of time-domain (TDEM) magnetic, and radiometric data. 

SkyTEM Surveys has recently commercialized several new research initiatives which increase the dipole moment of their new 516 TEM system to over 1,000,000 NIA. SkyTEM is the inventor of MultiMoment® TEM systems and holds a patent for this technology. All SkyTEM systems utilize MultiMoment® technology to deliver combined high-resolution data in the near surface concurrent with data at depth.  

Our deliverables include a diverse range of map products and visualizations such as 3D images and inversions available within 48 hours of acquisition. 

Engineered to detect subtle geological variations SkyTEM delivers a comprehensive interpretation of near-surface geology and increases confidence in modeling deeper geology. SkyTEM’s suite of systems satisfies the most challenging mapping needs and offer a wide range of solutions for resource management.

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