General director, Center for Remote Sensing and GIS “Terra”

1999 – till present
Center for Remote Sensing and GIS “Terra”, Director general

1999 г. - 2001
Kazakh State National University after al-Farabi, Assistant of physiography department

1998 – 1999
Institute of cosmic research MN AN RK, Senior engineer

Leaders of more than 60 projects in the field of environmental engineering, remote sensing and geographic information systems, 40 scientific articles.

The future potential for the Integration of Remote Sensing, Satellite and Lidar imagery with airborne and ground geophysical data in Kazakhstan

Recent advances in technologies have allowed for the integration of a number of very different remote sensing and scientific datasets into a comprehensive database for the Kazakhstan Government. Historically, these datasets have been collected independently by various Government groups that usually had quite diverse interests and objectives. Until recently these groups did not fully recognize the value of integrating these older datasets into a common data base. These integrated datasets can now be accessed by different Governmental agencies as well as private industry in real time. This new GIS will now provide a more comprehensive interpretation of both surface and sub-surface information that can be utilized in a broad range of applications that include: environmental, ground water resources, agricultural, natural resource exploration and soil classifications. Combining airborne geophysical Electro-magnetic, magnetic, gravity and radiometric data will now expand the database for many new applications.

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