Principal Consultant (Coal Geologist), SRK Consulting (UK) Limited

David Lawrence BSc SACNAPSP is a Principal Geologist (Coal) with SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd, with over thirty years international experience in both exploration and mining geology. Prior to joining SRK he worked at the corporate office of BHPBilliton Australia, where one of his major tasks was to collate the Resource and Reserve Statements for the Energy Coal Division for inclusion in the Annual Report and peer review all the Competent Persons Reports. David is a Competent Person (CP) according to the guidelines of the International Reporting Codes, such as JORC, SAMREC, IOM3, CIM, etc. His responsibilities have included the generating of geological databases and models, using specialised mining software, the production of resource estimates and CP reports for operations in South Africa, Colombia and Australia as well as for independent assessments and as part of Feasibility Studies. David has been involved with some of the largest Opencast and Underground operations as well as working on Green Field projects in Alaska, Chile and Australia.

Best Practices in the Generation of a Coal Resource Estimate.

Most critical to the success of a mining development is a reliable Mineral Resource Statement that underpins the Ore Reserve.

There is considerable evidence from technical studies that project failure is more often than not down to poor geological practices and the resultant inadequate Mineral Resource estimation.

A reliable Mineral Resource estimation combines good quality and relevant data, competent geological interpretation and a sound methodology. From this data is and its interpretation, it will be possible to generate a reliable representation of the mineralised deposit, its geometry, grade distribution and variability and its density. Mineral deposits are unique and the generation of a Mineral Resource Statement that complies with an International standard, such as the JORC code, signed off by a competent person, is an important part of the reporting process.

This gives a potential investor confidence that prescribed procedures incorporating best practices have been followed.

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