Coal Geologist, Senior Project Manager, DMT Consulting Ltd

Hakan is a Chartered Geologist and has more than 25 years experience of coal exploration, coal mining geology, and coal quality. He commenced his career with the Turkish Iron & Steel Works as a coal technologist/coal geologist. Later in 1991, he moved to Australia and joined ACIRL (Australian Coal Industry Research Laboratory) as a coal technologist/coal geologist dealing with all aspects of coal mining geology, coal quality and coal petrography.

In 1998 he joined Exploration & Mining Division of CSIRO, Brisbane where he worked as a senior project geologist. He was responsible for supplying geological expertise to various coal mine projects where he created a number of computer aided geological and sedimentary models for direct application to exploration, production optimisation, coal seam gas utilisation, goaf gas safety issues and geotechnical assessment using borehole geological/geophysical logs and other available geological data by using various mining and petroleum software.

Since 2002, he has worked in the UK as a consultant geologist for various clients. He provided geological expertise; and reviewed/evaluated coal mines and deposits in Algeria, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, USA and Venezuela.

JORC 2012 and Coal Reserve & Resource Assessments in Kazakhstan and other CIS Countries

As Kazakhstan is currently at a decision gate to adopt a new code to assess its mineral resources and reserves, it is important to highlight the current international practices and practical issues encountered in CIS countries and Kazakhstan particularly by giving examples from coal deposits. This presentation will summarize the reasons why the latest 2012 version of JORC code in its simplistic form still finds widespread acceptance within the international investment communities, mining companies and regulatory bodies. In addition, the presentation will also focus on the practical issues that have been encountered in CIS countries when applying the JORC code and in reconciling the local rules and regulations in practice.

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