Head of Technical Center, RHEWUM GmbH

Dr. Pikhard is the head of the research department of the RHEWUM GmbH. His career started in 2010 when he finished his PhD from RWTH Aachen University. Mr. Pikhard is specialist for the treatment of fine particular matter. He has accompanied various international projects for the separation of all types of bulk solids e.g. in the minerals, food, fertilizer and recycling industry. He holds a vast experience in consultation, design of processes and pilot plants as well several patents in the field of screening technology, process control systems,magnetic separation technology.

Advanced Separation Technologies for Ores and Minerals

Minerals and ores deposits are declining. As a result lower quality materials have to be processed. In order to do so fine grinding and dry processing of the feed is becoming ever more important. An additional factor are rising demands for several raw materials. In order to close this gap between available resources and demand processing machinery has to become ever more effective. The presentation focuses on improvements in screening technology and their possible applications.

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