Head of Geological Modeling Group, IMC Montan

Graduated from geological exploration department of Moscow geological exploration institute (MGRI, now RGGRU) in 1992, a mining engineer-geologist. Worked in Institute of Ore Deposit Geology (IGEM RAN) as junior researcher; in private ore mining companies (including projects in Peru, Sierra-Leone, Indonesia and Zimbabwe); in State Committee on Reserves (GKZ) as Deputy Head of Metal Department. Has been working for IMC since 2011, participating in assessment of geological knowledge and modeling of 25 solid mineral deposits (ore gold, iron ores, porphyry copper, copper pyrite, potash, coal). The key focus areas include assessment of exploration quality, evaluation of resources and reserves in compliance with international standards, block modeling. Has been an expert of GKZ Rosnedra since 2009, an expert of the Republic Belarus RKZ since 2014, a member of the Society of Subsoil Experts (OERN) since 2011, NAEN Competent Person since 2013.

Case Study – Mineral Resources and Reserves

Effective approaches to the development of mineral projects/resource base.

Definition of total requirements in types of minerals in the foreseeable future as a result of marketing research. Analysis of knowledge of minerals by type and by region on the basis of geological fund data. Designing and geological study of various stages aimed at mineral resources replacement and expansion both for the country needs and for entering the international market. Prospects of junior companies.

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