• Abdusalom Makhmadaliev
      Deputy Head, Main Department of Geology under the government of the Republic of Tajikistan
    • A review of regulatory and legal changes in the mineral resources management of the Republic of Tajikistan
    • Akbatyr Nadyrbaev
      Deputy Chairman, Committee of Geology and Subsoil Ministry of Investment and Development Republic of Kazakhstan
    • Priorities for the development of the geological industry and exploration program in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2015-2019 period
    • Aleksey Rudenko
      Principal Geotechnical Expert, RUSBURMASH
    • Expansion of the national mineral resource base through innovative geotechnology.
    • Alex Patrakov
      Vice-president of the Eurasian Operations, Sprung Instant Structures Ltd.
    • Sprung Instant Structures for the MINING Industry
    • Alexander Prikhodko
      Manager of Data Interpretation, Geotech Ltd., Canada
    • Airborne geophysical surveys in Kazakhstan
    • Alexey Strikha
      Regional Director Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, "Metso (Kazakhstan)" LLP
    • Innovation in order to survive. Survival tactics and thinking outside of box to improve productivity
    • Alexey Tsekhovoy
      President, Central-Asian Mining Union
    • Master class: Five Tips for effective management of mining projects.
    • Session 2 moderator - Regulatory changes and business prospects in the mining sector in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
    • Alexey Tsoy
      Regional Manager - CIS, CSA Global Pty Ltd
    • Mining industry - risk or opportunity for economy? Analysis of statistics for the past and strategies for the future
    • Alison Morley
      Country Manager - Kazakhstan, Iluka Resources
    • Iluka Resources in Kazakhstan
    • Arman Akhanov
      Manager, KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia
    • Architecture of Financing Mining Projects: Technical and Nontechnical Criteria of a Successful Business Plan
    • Asset Issekeshev
      Minister of Investment and Development, Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    • Keynote speech
    • Ayuna Nechaeva
      Senior Manager – Emerging Markets, Equity Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange
    • Raising International Capital to Finance Growth
    • Bakhtiyor Sharipov
      Head of the Department of Mines and precious metals, Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Tajikistan
    • Attracting investment to the mining industry as a key indicator of future growth in the mineral resources in the Republic of Tajikistan
    • Baurzhan Duisebayev
      Head of Science Coordination Division, JSC NAC Kazatomprom
    • In-situ leaching - the advanced solution for minerals extraction in the 21st century
    • Baurzhan Ibrayev
      General director, Limited Liability partnership "Mining company "ORTALYK"
    • Working off of a field by method of underground leaching with application of borehole technologies
    • Berikbol Khamzin
      Chief Geologist, JSC "Kazgeology" national exploration company"
    • The role of “Kazgeology” JSC in improving the efficiency of mineral resources base development in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    • Boubacar Bocoum
      Lead Mining specialist, Oil, Gas and Mining Policy Division, World Bank
    • Overview of comparative study of the mining tax regime for mineral exploitation in Kazakhstan together with general elements for successful mining tax collection administration.
    • Damir Sukhov
      Associate Director, Corporate Finance, KPMG in Russia и CIS
    • Architecture of Financing Mining Projects: Technical and Nontechnical Criteria of a Successful Business Plan
    • David Lawrence
      Principal Consultant (Coal Geologist), SRK Consulting (UK) Limited
    • Best Practices in the Generation of a Coal Resource Estimate.
    • Boris Geldyyev
      General director, Center for Remote Sensing and GIS “Terra”
    • The future potential for the Integration of Remote Sensing, Satellite and Lidar imagery with airborne and ground geophysical data in Kazakhstan
    • Carolyn Browne
      British Ambassador to Kazakhstan, British Embassy Astana
    • Keynote speech
    • Dr Hakan Arden
      Coal Geologist, Senior Project Manager, DMT Consulting Ltd
    • JORC 2012 and Coal Reserve & Resource Assessments in Kazakhstan and other CIS Countries
    • Dr Thomas Krom
      Vice President - EMENA, Aranz Geo Limited
    • Resource Estimation - code or quality?
    • Dr. Andrey Kharlashin
      Director of Geology, RJC
    • Investment in exploration computer technologies
    • Dr. Uta Alisch
      Managing Director, Fugro Consult GmbH
    • New landscapes and lakes - Mine Closure Procedure
    • Oliver Pikhard
      Head of Technical Center, RHEWUM GmbH
    • Advanced Separation Technologies for Ores and Minerals
    • Duman Aubakirov
      Managing Director, Development Bank of Kazakhstan
    • The Mining complex - one of the priorities of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan
    • Elnar Nadyrgaliev
      Chairman of the Board of Directors, "Commodity Exchange" Caspy"
    • Commodity Exchange procurement platform for subsoil users.
    • Fabian Kroeher
      Director, Bryanston Resources AG
    • Project financing leveraged by distribution markets
    • Gary Hodgkinson
      Director, Rio Tinto Mining and Exploration Inc.
    • From Opportunity to Execution – The next steps in Kazakhstan
    • Gary Tipper
      International Business Development, SkyTEM Airborne Surveys
    • The future potential for the Integration of Remote Sensing, Satellite and Lidar imagery with airborne and ground geophysical data in Kazakhstan
    • The future potential for the Integration of Remote Sensing, Satellite and Lidar imagery with airborne and ground geophysical data in Kazakhstan
    • Geraldo Pinto
      International Business Development Manager, GEM Systems Inc.
    • Our World is Magnetic ! ! !
    • Holger Krohmer
      Sales & Project Engineer, Doppelmayr Transport Technology GmbH
    • RopeCon as a solution for materials handling
    • Inna Popova
      Project Geologist, Aranz Geo Limited
    • Resource Estimation - code or quality?
    • Ivan Maximov
      Principal Environmental Consultant, SRK Consulting
    • Managing environmental and social risks in mining projects
    • Jeremy Allen
      General Director, KAZ Minerals – Bozshakol and Aktogay Operations
    • Investing in Growth
    • John Bacharach
      Director, IMC Montan
    • Welcome & Introduction - Master class: JORC – a New approach to estimating Kazakhstan Mineral Reserves
    • Session 5 moderator : A road map for developing raw materials base in Kazakhstan and Central Asia – exploration strategies, funding options, risks, new technologies
    • John Kallaway
      Partner, Head of Corporate Finance Russia and CIS, KPMG
    • Metal markets overview: past and present trends
    • Julia Boiko
      BSc, Dip(Env), MBA, General Director, Wardell Armstrong Russia
    • Architecture of Financing Mining Projects: Technical and Nontechnical Criteria of a Successful Business Plan
    • Political support of the mining business in Kazakhstan and business ethics
    • Kairat Bekturgenev
      Chairman of the Board, "National Agency for the development of local content NADLoC»
    • Current issues of local content for subsoil users.
    • Kairat Karmanov
      Deputy Chairman, National Export and Investment Agency “KAZNEX INVEST” JSC
    • Factors of attractiveness of the investment climate in Kazakhstan
    • Karl Llewelyn
      Geotechnical Engineer, SRK Consulting (UK) Limited
    • Comparing traditional and televiewer methods of structural data collection: Case Studies
    • Kulbaram Urazova
      Senior Consultant, Fugro Consult GmbH
    • Assessment criteria of mineral deposits – Investor fact sheet
    • Kylyshbek Izbaskhanov
      Vice Chairman of the Board on a production, JSC "National Mining Company "Tau-Ken Samruk"
    • "Tau-Ken Samruk": development prospects"
    • Mattias Åstholm
      Technology Manager HIGmill, Outotec
    • Outotec HIGmill™ – High intensity grinding at its finest
    • Maxim Telemtayev
      Managing Partner (Kazakhstan), White & Case Kazakhstan LLP
    • Key amendments to the Subsoil Use Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The new draft Code "On Subsoil and Subsoil Use".
    • Mike Hallewell
      Business Development Manager, SGS Minerals Services UK Ltd
    • Improving Efficiencies – The Role of Process Audits
    • Session 9 moderator - Extracting more for less - embracing innovation and improving operations
    • Nikolai Yenshin
      Business Development Director, Mining Engineer, SRK Consulting (Kazakhstan) Ltd.
    • Session 8 moderator - Developing mineral information disclosure practices and reporting standards
    • Nikolay Radostovets
      Executive Director, Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises
    • The Eurasian Economic Union – what are emerging opportunities for wide cross-border cooperation, trade and investment in the mining and metals sector?
    • Paul Myler
      Australia’s Ambassador to the Russian Federation, and concurrently to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Moldova and Belarus, Australian Embassy
    • Keynote speech
    • Pavel Kushnarev
      Head of Geological Modeling Group, IMC Montan
    • Case Study – Mineral Resources and Reserves
    • Effective approaches to the development of mineral projects/resource base.
    • Pavel Mukhin
      Principal Consultant (Geology & Exploration), SRK Consulting (Kazakhstan) Ltd
    • Prospective type of sedimentary gold deposits for UWL
    • Pavel Shevchenko
      Project Manager, IMC Montan
    • Why is there a lack of quality mining projects in Central Asia and is this going to change soon?
    • Phil Newall
      Managing Director, Wardell Armstrong International Ltd
    • Session 6 moderator - Developing mining businesses and projects across Central Asia
    • Ralph Nowak
      Managing Director, Bryanston CIS
    • Selected future demand trends as stimulation to mining investments
    • Rinat Berikbolov
      Head of Development of Kazakhstan content, "Corporation" Kazakhmys"
    • Local content development experience at the "Corporation "Kazakhmys".
    • Robert Wieder
      Partner, Bryan Cave LLP
    • Legal and Formal aspects of fundraising in the London Market
    • Ruslan Baimishev
      Chief, Republican center for geological information KazGeoInfrom, Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan
    • Development of geological information systems and ensuring its availability
    • Ruslan Sevostyanov
      General Director, Wardell Armstrong International LLP - Kazakhstan
    • A Few Steps To Lean Production in open pit mining
    • Said Sultanov
      General Director, KazGeoTech
    • Airborne geophysical surveys in Kazakhstan.
    • Sergei Sabanov
      Principal Consultant/Project Manager (Mining Engineering), SRK Consulting (Kazakhstan) Ltd
    • Modern communication technologies for mine optimisation
    • Sergey Kiselev
      Principal, Astana Office, McKinsey Kazakhstan
    • Discussion: Business transformation – Adapting to challenging conditions and ensuing growth
    • Serik Syzdykov
      General Director, Raygorodok LLP
    • Raygorodok LLP – growing gold producer in Akmola region, RK
    • Serik Kamely
      Director, Trade Regulation Department, Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    • The reform of the exchange laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    • Shavkat Bobozoda
      Minister, Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Tajikistan
    • Keynote speech
    • Sofijа Krasnyh
      Chief hydrogeologist, RUSBURMASH
    • Experience of work on the water supply of industrial and civil projects using innovative technologies in Russia's regions.
    • Stanislav Titkov
      Deputy of Director General for Research, Stock Co. Ltd "VNII Galurgy" - Research and Development institute
    • Processing of Potash ore
    • Stefan Scholz
      Managing Partner, ScholzvonGleich
    • Securing mining funding on the capital markets – current trends
    • Session 7 moderator - Key sources of finance and capital for developing mining projects in Central Asia
    • Timur Toktabaev
      Director, Subsoil Use Department, Ministry of Investments and Development of Kazakhstan
    • The introduction of the Australian method for granting subsoil use rights in Kazakhstan.
    • Tony Thornton
      General Director, SRK Consulting (Kazakhstan) Ltd.
    • Session 3 moderator - Mining Leaders – Embracing new economic challenges and realities
    • Tulegen Mukhanov
      Deputy Executive Director, The Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises
    • Session 10 Moderator - Introduction. Developing local content programs in today’s supercompetitive mining landscape
    • Closing remarks and session resolution.
    • Ulanbek Ryskulov
      Deputy Director, State agency on Geology and Mineral resources under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic
    • The modern role of the mining sector in the economic development of the Kyrgyz Republic.
    • Vadim Martynenko
      Deputy General Director for Geology, Rusburmash
    • Session 4 moderator - Practical solutions for developing mineral deposits in Kazakhstan – ISL technology
    • Valeriy Machulov
      Strategic director, Modular Mining Systems EurAsia, Ltd.
    • Tools for reduce the costs of production of mining companies operating in the economic conditions today.
    • Vasily Savin
      Partner, Head of Corporate Finance in Kazakhstan, KPMG
    • Session 1 moderator - Mining industry in Central Asia – Global challenges vs local perspectives
    • Victor Glushko
      General Manager, Outotec Kazakhstan
    • Risk mitigation in implementation of technological and innovative projects in mining industry
    • Vitaly Nesis
      Group CEO, Polymetal International Plc
    • Kyzyl: A Fresh Approach to Project Development
    • Vyacheslav Paraska
      Director General, Galurgy Institute
    • Processing of potash ore
    • Wolfram Felfer
      Managing Director, Wireline Logging Services Manager Africa, Caspian, Europe, Fugro Austria GmbH
    • Borehole Geophysics for the evaluation of petrophysical rock properties and hydraulics in mining projects
    • Yerlan Ramazanov
      Principal Banker, Energy and Natural Resources Russia and Central Asia, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    • Architecture of Financing Mining Projects: Technical and Nontechnical Criteria of a Successful Business Plan
    • Financing mining opportunities in Kazakhstan and Central Asia