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SRK Consulting is the world’s first one-stop consultancy offering specialist services to mining and exploration companies for the entire life cycle of a mining project from exploration through to mine closure. Among SRK Consulting’s approximately 1,500 clients are most of the world’s major and medium-sized mining houses, exploration companies, banks, petroleum companies, agribusiness companies, construction firms and government departments.

Formed in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1974, SRK now employs approximately over 1,600 professionals in 50 permanent offices in 22 countries on six continents. A broad range of internationally recognised associate consultants are also available world-wide to complement the core staff.

The SRK Group’s independence is ensured by the fact that it holds no equity in any project or company and that its ownership rests solely with its staff. This enables SRK to provide its clients with conflict-free and objective recommendations on crucial judgment issues.

SRK Consulting employs leading specialists in each field of science and engineering. Its seamless integration of services, and global base, has made the company the world’s leading practice in due diligence, feasibility studies and confidential internal reviews.

SRK Consulting offices in the countries in which it operates are staffed by international as well as local experts thus ensuring both technical and local context excellence.

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IMC Montan is an independent international mining consultancy and one of the leading consulting companies in mining sector of Russia. The Group also includes such companies as DMT GmbH & Co. (Germany), IMCGCL (UK), WYG Plc. (UK).

IMC Montan successfully operating in Russia and the CIS since 1992. Since then the company implemented over 350 projects for Russian and international mining companies, investors and banks.

IMC Montan  is a recognized technical consultant and sector expert; its opinion is respected by analytical agencies, financial institutions and  Russian state surveillance bodies.

The range of the Company consulting services covers all solid minerals, all types of deposits and full cycle of the mine life.

Disciplines covered by the Company services include reserve audit in compliance with international standards, preparation of mining companies  for IPO, technical and technological consulting, feasibility studies, higher labour productivity or core business production build-up justification.


CJSC “Rusburmash” is a complex geological exploration company with a powerful drilling service that implements the exploration projects for solid minerals from the stage of design to the stage of exploitation both in The Uranium Holding “ARMZ” and in the external exploration and drilling services market for solid minerals in Russia and abroad.

The company was founded in July of 1998. In 2007 it was involved into the contour of OJSC “ARMZ”. Since 2009 OJSC “ARMZ” owns 100% of shares of CJSC “Rusburmash.” In 2012 in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan the branch establishment was registered with the purpose of uranium and non-uranium exploration. In 2013 it has received all the necessary licenses for business activity.

  As the service branch of The Uranium Holding “ARMZ” that controls all the uranium-mining assets in Russian nuclear industry, CJSC “Rusburmash” provides geological exploration (including exploratory drilling) and some activities on the construction technological holes for similar companies as well. Besides this CJSC “Rusburmash” successfully performs the public and private orders for exploration.

  Today the company carries out a several types of works:

  • all kinds of geological works (from the documentation development of the exploration works to the resource attestation in the SRC (State Reserves Commission) in compliance with the international standards: JORC, CIM and etc.;
  • the drilling and the wells construction for various purposes and degrees of sophistication (except the oil and gas wells).

  The patent base of the company includes 27 patents and allows to use the unique technologies in the wells building, drilling equipment, systems of exploitation of productive deposits.

  CJSC “Rusburmash” has the following competencies

 in terms of exploration:

  •  the conducting of the expert review of the licensed areas, including the valuation of the quality and reliability of the work results;
  • the rationale for the subsequent stages of work (the valuation, the preliminary/detailed exploration);
  • the preparation of the documentation development for the exploration works;
  • the entire complex of geological fieldworks and processing of the obtained materials;
  • the preparation of geological reports with reserves estimation, submission and approval of the SRC;
  • the geological support for the wells construction in the process of operating units MF;
  • the implementation of the geotechnical surveys for the purpose of design.
  • the geological, mathematical and technical mining modeling, resource evaluation with accordance with the international standards (JORS, CIM and etc.).

 in terms of drilling:

  • the construction of the technological, operational and exploration wells;
  • the exploration drilling on the deposits;
  • the drilling of the engineering and technological underground wells;
  • the exploration of the drilling, operational and exploration underground wells;
  • the technical drilling (backfilling / for the utilities, for the eliminating of plugs);
  • the drilling of the exploratory wells; – the remedial work on the wells;
  • the elimination of the technological wells.


VNIPIpromtechnologii OJSC is a full-service company that performs a full cycle of design and survey works as well as scientific and research works for:

  • Building and reconstruction of companies that specializes in mining and processing of uranium, rare-earth elements, non-ferrous metals ores and precious metals ores;
  • Recovery of territories damaged by radioactive waste;
  • Radiation-dangerous works at handling, operating and liquidation of nuclear weapon and nuclear munitions;
  • Building of nuclear-waste repositories and radioactive waste disposal facilities;
  • Liquidation of industrial facilities that were build using nuclear technology;
  • Handling of radioactive waste, reactor blocks and spent nuclear fuel from atomic submarine utilization.

Currently VNIPIpromtechnologii OJSC is an engineering subsidiary company of ARMZ Uranium Holing Co. It performs design and survey works as well as scientific and research works for both companies of the Holding and the third parties.

Seeking to comply with market demands our company is actively developing itself and its competencies and discovers new areas of activity. The Institute is located in Moscow and has its own exploration base in Moscow area and a branch in the city of Chita. The company has about 500 high-quality specialists. Their working places are upgraded with the modern equipment and software. Our highly skilled specialists are capable to participate in implementation of large-scale projects of development of atomic sector and mining industry.



WAI has provided the mineral industry with specialized geological, mining, processing and environmental expertise since 1987, initially as an independent company, but from 1999 as part of the Wardell Armstrong Group (WA). Our experience is worldwide and has concentrated on the metalliferous mining sector and coal.

Wardell Armstrong has nine regional offices in the UK and international offices in Russia and Kazakhstan. Total worldwide staff complement is now around 450.

WAI provides with the wide range of services for minerals-related projects range from preliminary exploration planning, through reserve estimation, mine design and financial appraisal, to final bankable feasibility study.

WAI has a strong client list, including companies and organizations from the private and public sectors, as well as many major lending institutions. In addition, WAI has been involved in many AIM and Full Board London stock exchange listings.

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Michael Wilson & Partners Ltd. (MWP) is a full service law practice & business consultancy widely recognized as one of the foremost practices covering Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Headquartered in Almaty, Kazakhstan with in Baku, Azerbaijan, MWP offers sound, practical advice & assistance on all aspects of foreign investments & joint ventures, corporate finance, project development, IP and dispute resolutions.

MWP’s strength lies in its depth of resource and broad understanding of local business & legislative environment due to  over 15 years experience in the region.

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Colibri Kazakhstan Law firm is one of the leading local law firms in Kazakhstan with offices in Almaty and Astana, that provides a full range of legal services. Our professionals have extensive experience working with the State companies of Kazakhstan, international corporations and international financial organizations handling investment projects in mining, oil and gas, and power industries, major commercial transactions, including infrastructure and public-private partnership projects and project financing.  

Colibri is actively engaged in the following practice areas:

  • interaction with State bodies and procurement process
  • mining industry and natural resources
  • borrowings and financing
  • investments
  • infrastructure and public-private partnership (PPP)
  • corporate governance
  • licensing
  • joint ventures and partnerships
  • immovable property and construction
  • customs regulations and certification
  • trade
  • energy
  • ecology and environment protection

Contact information:

Almaty, 050000,
114A Tulebayev str. 
Astana, 010000
12 Sary-Arka str., office 903

Tel. 8 727 293 93 76
        8 727 390 07 54
        8 727 391 02 21 



Debevoise & Plimpton LLP is a leading international law firm, representing a wide range of clients in transactions and disputes around the world. Founded in 1931, the firm now has approximately 650 lawyers and offices in New York, Washington, D.C., London, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The firm’s practice in Russia and the CIS countries has grown steadily since its inception in 1988 and includes advice to clients on a wide range of issues including mergers and acquisitions, securities and capital markets, natural resources, real estate and development, general corporate law, corporate and project finance, aircraft and equipment leasing, private equity fund formation, insurance, antitrust legislation and international arbitration.

Компания Environmental Resources Management (ERM) является одним из мировых лидеров на рынке консультационных услуг по охране окружающей среды, охране труда и промышленной безопасности (ООС, ОТ и ПБ), услуг по устойчивому развитию и в социальной сфере c годовым оборотом более 700 миллионов долларов США.

ERM располагает 170 офисами в 40 странах. ERM – это сочетание глобального масштаба и понимания национальных особенностей: нормативно-правовых, коммерческих и культурных. В течение последних 5 лет клиентами ERM являются около 60% компаний, входящих в перечень 500 крупнейших компаний мира, которым ERM помогает внедрить интегрированный подход к управлению вопросами охраны окружающей среды, охраны труда и промышленной безопасности, устойчивого развития, а также превратить эту деятельность из нагрузки на бизнес в конкурентное преимущество. Общий штат ERM насчитывает более 5 000 специалистов в сфере естественных и социальных наук, устойчивого развития, инженеров, специалистов в области планирования и управления.

Компания «ERM Евразия» была создана ERM с целью предоставления высококачественных консультационных услуг в области охраны окружающей среды, охраны труда и безопасности, социальных вопросов для компаний, осуществляющих свою деятельность на территории Казахстана, Российской Федерации, и других стран СНГ. Наш персонал из Алматинского и Московского офисов работает единой командой в области экологического консалтинга свыше 18 лет. За это время специалисты приобрели большой опыт в предоставлении уникального спектра экологических и социальных услуг в Казахстане, России, а также в других странах СНГ и Восточной Европы, и выполнили свыше 3000 проектов. Мы имеем обширный опыт работы с крупнейшими национальными и международными горнодобыващими компаниями, а также международными финансовыми институтами, включая ЕБРР, Всемирный Банк и Международную Финансовую Корпорацию. ERM оказывает полный спектр консалтинговых услуг, включая:

Услуги в области оценки воздействия и планирования

· Оценка воздействия на окружающую среду и социальную сферу (в соответствии с местными и банковскими требованиями)
· Содействие в получении экологических разрешений и согласований
· Общественные консультации и взаимодействие с заинтересованными сторонами
· Консультации и разработка Планов по переселению
· Планы управления по охране окружающей и социальной среды

Услуги в области операционной эффективности компаний

· Обзоры законодательства и оценка соответствия требованиям охраны окружающей среды, охраны труда и промышленной безопасности
· Внедрение и аудит систем менеджмента (ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001)
· Обучение и тренинги
· Управление техническими и нетехническими рисками
· Управление цепочками поставщиков
· Корпоративная ответственность
· Культура в области ОТ и ПБ

Сопровождение финансовых сделок

· Экологическая и социальная оценка в рамках сопровождения сделок слияния и поглощения,
· Экологическая и социальная оценка при первичном размещении акций на бирже
· Независимая экологическая и социальная оценка соответствия требованиям МФИ (ЕБРР/МФК/Банки, подписавшие Принципы Экватора)

Услуги в области Устойчивого развития и изменения климата

· Изменение климата/Консультирование по проектам совместного осуществления (ПСО)
· «Зеленое» строительство и эффективное использование ресурсов
· Обучение и развитие внутренних ресурсов
· Социальная ответственность компаний
· Оценка репутационных рисков

Услуги в области управления загрязненными территориями

· выявление участков возможного загрязнения, отбор проб грунтов и грунтовых вод, аналитические работы и подготовка отчета с характеристиками уровня загрязнения и оценкой возможных рисков для заказчика и их санация
· Обследование площадок на наличие асбеста


Company Description: 

KAZAKHSTAN CONSULTING is part of RUSSIA CONSULTING Group with more than 10 years of experience in consulting companies in Russia and CIS countries with offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, England as well as representative offices in USA, Belgium, Austria, France, Japan, China, Poland and Switzerland.

Routed in consulting western clients regarding their Market Entry, Accounting and Tax Optimization, we hold a strong expertise in the fields of Company Foundation, Legal Advice and Interim Management, as well as IT-Support and Recruitment.

KAZAKHSTAN CONSULTING furthermore offers accounting outsourcing, preparation of reports for clients according to Kazakhstani legislation, as well as IFRS, US-GAAP and management reports. Our services include submitting documentation to local authorities, responds to their inquiries, pre-selection of the candidates for top-level positions, tax advisory, perform tax due diligence, develop tax accounting policies, and company liquidations.

Our services:

KAZAKHSTAN CONSULTING expanded its service range to meet its clients diversifying requirements. Our client portfolio consists of both companies that have already established on the Kazakhstan  market and of companies that are looking to set up their business in Kazakhstan. 

Today KAZAKHSTAN CONSULTING offers services in following areas:

  • Accounting consulting (Payroll outsourcing; US-GAAP and IFRS in Kazakhstan; Management report; Finansial due dil, …)
  • Tax consulting (Transfer pricing, Reporting and Taxation, Tax due dil, …)
  • HR consulting (Labor law, Recruitment services, Migration law,…) 
  • Legal consulting (Liquidation of companies, Company Set up, …)
  • IT consulting (1C Software , Development, Integration, Support , … ) 

KAZAKHSTAN CONSULTING is a member in various associations, clubs and chambers of commerce. Through our memberships we build a strong community network of international businesses in Kazakhstan.

Contact Information

Chief Executive in Kazakhstan:        
Kirill Afanasyev (General Director, Almaty Office)    

Tole bi Street 101, 9 block “B”
Almaty 050012 Kazakhstan

+7 727 355 44 48, 355 29 20

+7 727 356 44 48


Kudu Industries Kazakhstan LLP is supplier of  Kudu Progressing Cavity Pump provides technical support for supplied equipment. Company has started its activity in 2004 and  successfully works in the follow areas: Kyzylordinskaya, Mangistauskaya, Atyrauskaya, West and East Kazakhstan. Administrative office is located in Almaty, service center in Aktyubinskaya oblast’ provides with pumps test and equipment maintenance, stock is available in Kyzylorda.

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American Appraisal is the largest international independent valuation company. American Appraisal Associates operate more than 55 offices in 48 countries of the world. AAR provides valuation opinion and advisory services to the clients in various industries including Metals and Mining, Oil and Gas and Utilities.

Among our clients are major Russian Metals and Mining companies.


ENRC is a leading diversified natural resources group with integrated mining, processing, energy, logistical and marketing operations.  ENRC is a leading diversified natural resources group, performing integrated mining, processing, energy, logistics and marketing operations. The operations of the Group comprise: the mining and processing of chrome, manganese and iron ore; the smelting of ferroalloys; the production of iron ore pellets; the mining and processing of bauxite for the extraction of alumina and the production of aluminium; coal extraction and electricity generation; the transportation and sales of the Group's products; and, the production of copper and cobalt.  ENRC's production assets are largely located in the Republic of Kazakhstan; other assets, notably the Other Non-ferrous Division, are mainly located in Africa. The Group also owns the iron ore asset in Brazil.  For more information please visit

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Rio Tinto is a leading international mining group, combining Rio Tinto plc, a London listed public company headquartered in the UK, and Rio Tinto Limited, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, with executive offices in Melbourne.

The two companies are joined in a dual listed companies (DLC) structure as a single economic entity, called the Rio Tinto Group.
The Group finds, mines and processes the earth’s mineral resources – metals and minerals essential for making thousands of everyday products that meet society’s needs and contribute to improved living standards.

The Group’s major products include aluminium, copper, diamonds, energy products, gold, industrial minerals (borates, titanium dioxide, salt and talc), and iron ore. Its activities span the world but are strongly represented in Australia and North America. There are also significant businesses in South America, Asia, Europe and southern Africa.